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A Little Piece of Our History

For our 20th birthday, we thought it would be fun to travel back in time to some of our earliest projects. Mad Dancer Media got its start not just with web design, but in e-cards, enhanced CDs, and other pre-web digital marketing materials. We dug through our extensive archives and found some of our favorite projects dating all the way back to the mid-90s.

Technology has evolved a lot since then, and for that reason we can’t guarantee these will work for everyone on all platforms. The links below contain files in a variety of formats, including executables and flash videos, which may only work on Windows PCs (and almost certainly won’t work on your mobile gadgets). Are you ready to take a walk with us down memory lane?



Joy Williams E-Card

We created this e-card to announce Joy Williams’ debut album and first tour in 2001. Since then Joy has gone on to release four solo albums, four EPs, and five more albums as part of her duo project, The Civil Wars, with John Paul White. Her work has earned her four Grammy Awards and numerous other accolades.

download a zip file containing three versions of the ecard in Windows .exe format


Michael W. Smith – Worship  E-Card

When we met Michael W. Smith he was already a contemporary christian music superstar, and we were proud to produce this e-card announcing the launch of his Worship album and tour in 2001.

download a zip file containing three versions of the ecard in Windows .exe format

2005-2006 Holiday E-Cards

christmas-2005Holiday E-Cards are a long-standing tradition here at Mad Dancer Media. Here is one of our favorites – the  2005 Christmas e-card. This is in Adobe Flash format, so you’ll need to have Flash Player installed to view it (only available on PC and Macintosh).

You can view it live here .